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As the need for a truly PCC style of worship grew among members of the church in the diaspora of South Africa, the idea to begin a PCC prayer cell also developed. For four Fridays of the month of November 2017 Rev Dr Akih Abraham KpweGeh met with the Abohboh Social Group to hold talks about starting a prayer cell in Bramley Johannesburg. Arrangements were concretized to take off. Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) Bramley Johannesburg started off as a prayer cell on Sunday 26th November 2017 in response to spiritual and pastoral needs expressed by some of our church members in Bramley area. We started at the Tyre shop of one of our members Pa Ayeah Samauel. There were eight men (Atanga Valentine, Nji Emmamuel, Ayeah Samuel, Nji Gilbert, Kpwa Lovert, Rev Dr Akih Abraham, one woman (Miyang Irene) and one child (Atanga Maurice). PCC South Africa officially registered in 2015 as a Non-Profit Organisation under the name PCC South Africa with NPO Registration No: 155-570. PCC South Africa Bramley Johannesburg was officially registered with the Company Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in November 2018 as a Public Benefit Organisation with PBO No. 2018/578576/08.

Vision Statement:

To identify the several needs of her members and those of the community and establish comprehensive ministries to holistically meet such pastoral needs. The objective goals of PCC SA Johannesburg is to create a niche, a home away from home, a caring, loving and compassionate community that reaches out to all people irrespective of gender, religion, status and race. This constitution is based on the Word of God as recorded in the Old and New Testaments, theological traditions, experience and reason with Jesus Christ as spiritual head of the church

Mission Statement:

PCC SA JHB’s mission will be to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in word and action. This will entail preaching and teaching of the word and promoting holistic Christian community development. The goal is to build an inclusive community that reaches out to all God’s people irrespective of gender, religion and status at home and in the diaspora.

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